Welcome to the NEW DrAlex.net Website!


This website was a long time coming.

Back in 2002 when we shot and produced the First Do No Harm video series I was a sprightly 67 years old. Now I am approaching 80 (in 2105) and maybe not so sprightly but I am still healthy, considering what my body went through.


On this site you will notice I have released the First Do No Harm series of videos to the general public.

With the help of my friend and collaborators, Glenn Bolton & John Mulligan, we allow you now to freely view, use and share them under Creative Commons 4.0 (CC-BY-NC-NA).

Send your friends and loved ones to view them on this site or embed them on yours (non-commercial use of course and without any changes or derivatives)


I am also passionate about the environment and how most businesses and politicians are not doing enough. So I have teamed up with CCN (Conservation Central Network) to help save rainforests.

CCN are an outstanding Australian company that has built a financial model around sharing information rather than providing charitable handouts. They call it TRADE NOT AID.

They have backed forest protection up with a NEW digital crypto-currency called the LGT (Little Green Token). It uses all the security of Bitcoin (I am learning quickly) and allows YOU and your friends to make money by sharing this idea with others (face to face, on social media etc).

Check it out and come join me if you want to Get Paid to Save Forests.


I will soon be starting a Health, Wealth & Environment newsletter where I will post articles written by me and selected others from the wealth of global knowledge.

As you will understand, all this information will be thoroughly researched. I wish this site to become one of your points of reference and TRUST.


I have also come into the 21st century and am now on social media.

Keep in the loop by connecting with me on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

If there are failures then simply search for the username: DrAlexOmelchuk or DrAlex or Alex Omelchuk

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