Nutrition Brought Back My Life

I once worked 80 hours a week, plus on-call time (nights, weekends and holidays) I saw upwards of 30 patients per day in my
main office, plus I did hospital rounds, hospital emergency work, nursing homes and care facility visits, obstetrics as well as
hospital administrative duties, and I was one of the few doctors who made house calls on a regular basis. (Yes, I have a very
understanding wife!!)

My wife and I also ran a satellite office – evenings, weekends and emergencies

I exercised regularly… racquet ball, ran my dog and squeezed in as many “mini holidays” as I could, often combining business
and pleasure trips. I took time for myself. So, it was with great surprise and shock that I found myself cut down by a massive
cerebellar aneurysm.

I was perfectly healthy by all outward appearances, and didn¹t feel tired. In fact I was invigorated by work and my desire to
help people was strong.

However, I forgot the Cardinal Rule: Just because you have no symptoms, it doesn’t mean you are perfectly healthy.

On Nov. 5, 1987 at 10:44 pm I was perfectly fine.
At 10:45 pm, literally one minute later, I was virtually dead.

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